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Toledo Bend Lake

Planning your Stay

Lodging and RV Accommodations

Planning your trip to Toledo Bend? Here are a few details to assist you.

Toledo Bend is a vast body of water stretching 90 miles. There are lodging and accommodations all over the lake. The main area for businesses is known as Toledo Town. It is located on Hwy 6 (Pendelton Bridge/Mid-lake). You'll find fuel, a few restaurants, a grocery store, dollar stores, car wash, etc.  The nearest town with a Walmart and chain fast-food options is Many, which is about 15 minutes east of 'Toledo Town'.


If you are fishing an event out of Cypress Bend Parkway (which is located on the Louisiana side in the mid-lake region, there are numerous options. If you prefer a Hotel Option, Cypress Bend Resort is located just a few miles from the ramp. You'll want to call and ask about boat parking and security for that option.


For RVers, there are RV sites at the launch site. Cypress Bend Parkway is a state park and you can book by calling them directly at 318-256-4118. Be sure to ask for the sites that can accommodate a truck and boat. If you need help with that, I can get a list of the site #s that have empty space for that and that do not have a tree blocking. Once that RV park is full, there are many RV parks with 10 miles and all along the lake. You can find a full list on the  Toledo Bend Lake Country Website.


For a vacation rental, you can find places ranging from a small cabin to a large home. Legitimate rentals are also listed on the Toledo Bend Lake Country Website..

Depending on where you plan to fish, you should be able to find plenty of options for lodging on the Louisiana side of Toledo Bend. 

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